Instrument Lessons in Midland TX.

Instrument Rating Prerequisites:

  • Before any type of flight training the student will have to prove U.S. Citizenship. This can be done by either presenting a U.S. Passport or Birth Certificate. If you are not a U.S. Citizen the TSA will require you to go through a background check before starting flight training. The background application can be done at
  • A private pilot or commercial certificate.


At least 50 hours of PIC cross country time by the time of the check ride.

  • ​At least 10 will need to be in airplanes.

​At least 40 hours of simulated or actual instrument time.

  • At least 15 will need to be with an authorized instructor.​​

At least one instrument cross county flight with 3 legs.

  • ​Minimum distance of 250 NM along airways or ATC directed routing.
  • A different kind of instrument approach at each airport.

Estimated Cost:

The cost for the instrument rating is difficult to estimate since it depends on the hours logged when starting training. The below break down is based off of starting training with 47 hours of PIC cross country time and 25 hours of instrument time.

Airplane Rental 17 Hrs $2,987.75
Instructor 25 Hrs $1,662.50
Ground School $279.00
Examiner Fee $600.00
Total $5,529.25*